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Shift Manager

After two years of working at VAP, I became a foreman, after the further period of three years I became a shift manager. This time has been full of challenges, yet to my great satisfaction since I like to always aim high. I have also gained my experience as a planner and participated in the development of new projects. 

I like my work at VAP because it brings new challenges every day and gives me the opportunity to interact with people, which is very important to me.


Quality leader for new projects

After six months of working at VAP, I responded to the internal job announcement, owing to which I joined the quality department. Due to the company growth, it was necessary to formally create a Team of Engineers within the quality department, who would implement new projects according to customer requirements.

I have taken up the challenge and, together with a group of ambitious engineers, work on the quality of implementation of new projects.


Accounting Specialist

After three years of working in the Manufacturing Department, I made a transition to the Finance Department. This area was perfectly consistent with the course of my studies, which allowed me to use my theoretical knowledge in practice at work. My passion for finances made me follow this path and pursue my Master's degree. 

My career path in the finance area is developing dynamically, and the role I play is evolving virtually from year to year.


Controlling Manager

I began my adventure with VOSS as a warehouse worker to soon become a foreman and subsequently a logistics dispatcher. Shortly after I finished my economic studies, I moved to the Controlling Department, where after 7 years I became a manager. 

I have always been involved in every task assigned. When the development opportunity arose, I decided to seize it.

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After a one-year internship I was hired as an IT Technician and after the further period of two years I became a Junior Developer. This is my first job, owing to which I have the opportunity to gain valuable professional experience, which I am really grateful for.

I love working at VAP because I have the opportunity to do what I like.


Junior Production Planning Specialist

My VAP adventure began during the course of my studies, when I had the opportunity to participate in an internship at the company. Owing to the knowledge I gained and my commitment, I was offered a job. I currently deal with production planning in the SCR/MQB area.

At VAP I value, above all, the work atmosphere and the opportunity to develop and undertake new challenges on an ongoing basis.


We operate an employee recommendation program at VOSS Automotive Poland. We trust the recommendations of our employees, and we therefore reward them for effectively recommending any job candidates.

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