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History of VOSS

Discover the most important events in our history.


Establishment of the first location of VOSS in Wiperffürth.


Establishment of VOSS Automotive Poland in Nowa Wieś Legnicka


Production launch in Poland


We receive our first ISO certificate


Plant expansion in Poland, double increase in the production area


We receive Best in Class 5S certification as the first company in Poland


Launch of series production of DiSCR


Launch of Thermomanagement

Our mission, vision and strategy

Find out about the direction of our activities for the coming years.


We are proud of our position as a global, profitable, growing and independent leader of intelligent media flow management systems. We are passionately fighting for our attractiveness and reliability for our customers and employees.


As a world-class manufacturer, we are committed to increasing our market share through our own development.


  1. Growth with markets.
  2. Increasing the market share through new customers, new vehicle segments and new production facilities.
  3. Development through participation in mega trends.


Transport of persons, goods and machines.


Reliability and fast and flexible response.


Proximity to customers and development in new regions.


Innovations and problem solving skills.


Annual sales growth.


VOSS family culture focused on teamwork. Being an attractive employer.



Find out why VAP is a unique workplace.

Trust means to us the assumption of having good intentions, relying on one another and the belief in the fulfilment of our commitments. Thus:
  • we are focused on facts, we do not judge people; we refer to facts not opinions,
  • we communicate honestly and openly on all levels, in all relations
  • we do not conceal problems
  • we operate without the need for control
  • we are impartial
  • we operate in line with the highest ethical standards
Commitment and reliability are the pursuit of continuous, persevering, effective and timely achievement of objectives and best results, as well as motivation for development. Thus:
  • we undertake challenges and search for solutions
  • we motivate others to act together
  • we take the initiative
  • we focus our energy on achieving our objectives
  • we perform our tasks effectively, we perform our responsibilities fairly
  • we are committed to developing the competencies necessary to achieve our objectives
  • we observe the deadlines of the tasks we perform
Innovation is the attitude of seeking and creating better solutions and new opportunities. We are innovative because:
  • we think outside the box and demonstrate our willingness to change,
  • we are passionate about inventing and implementing new solutions,
  • we come up with new ideas with courage, we try and experiment,
  • we creatively respond to the needs of internal and external customers,
  • we strive to continuously improve products and processes.


Responsibility means to ensure human safety, product quality and environmental protection in accordance with the sustainable development guidelines. Being responsible:
  • we ensure safe working conditions,
  • we accept personal responsibility for the effects of our own actions and those of the others,
  • we adopt a constructive approach to failures and learn our lessons for the future,
  • we make decisions regardless of the situation,
  • we ensure the highest quality of the tasks we perform.
VOSS family culture means care and concern for the team and its members through mutual respect and tolerance, which is why:
  • we act together, we think of the entirety,
  • we care about relations (win-win),
  • we give a sense of security, we ensure everyone get the support they need,
  • we ensure proper information flow,
  • we identify ourselves with the company.

Our awards and recognitions

The title of Reliable Employer of the year 2014 in the national category for merits in the field of human resources management

This is a confirmation that in our company we care about the development of our employees, providing training and friendly social conditions. We are socially responsible.

The title of Reliable Employer of the year 2016 in the national category for merits in the field of human resources management

The title of Reliable Employer of the year 2018 in Lower Silesia

Q1 status from Ford

The received status confirms that as a supplier we meet a range of requirements including, inter alia: logistical, quality, project and change management requirements.

5S Best in Class

The title awarded by Kaizen Institute means that VOSS Automotive Polska Sp. z o.o. has achieved the highest level of 5S requirements through implementation and continuous development. This qualifies us as one of the leading organizations in top companies benchmarking.

Award for the Employer Friendly to Employees over 45

The environment we create in our company is welcoming to employees of all ages.

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